Natural Youth Stem Serum 30 ml


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The fascinating thing about stem cells is their regeneration ability. Stem cells are the natural architects of reparation. Found in all multicellular organisms, they can self replicate and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types in order to propagate the growth of an existing cell type. When applied to the skin, they result in wrinkle reduction, collagen proliferation and skin rejuvenation. Recognizing the preservative value was the first step towards unlocking this ingredientsu0083?? true potential. After further study, it was observed that the tree displayed remarkably fast regeneration and healing abilities. The long lasting lifespan and quick regeneration is credited towards the appleu0083??s stem cells, which carry the provision for such qualities within the cells genetic structure. Scientists were able to cultivate the appleu0083??s stem cells which are now available as a patented liposomal preparation called Phytocelltec Malus Domestica. This preparation incites preservation and regenerative properties in human skin stem cells. Human skin stem cells (epithelial stem cells) replenish and maintain the natural balance of cells within the epidermis layer of the skin. They also regenerate tissue damaged from injury or exposure. Unfortunately with age, the number of these stem cells decreases and they slow their ability to divide and repair. This is due to a process called senesance. Senesance is the biological slowing down of cellular division as dictated by stem cells and genetic instruction. It is a sort of biological clock and a natural component of aging.
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