Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner 4 oz


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Natureu0083??s most nutrient-rich plant hydrates and softens while balancing the skinu0083??s natural pH to minimize irritation and enhance the skinu0083??s ability to repair itself. Seaweed is especially rich in cosmetically active compounds such as uronic acid, fucose polymers, and sulfated polygalactosides - including mineral salts, iodinated compounds, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, and vitamins. Seaweed extracts combine with the proteins of the outer layer of the skin and the hair, forming protective moisturizing complexes. Fucose polymers retain water and act as hydrating agents. Seaweed extracts, therefore, hydrate and soften the skin. The same results were found in hair where they act as a protective and moisturizing agent. Efficient hydration increases the effect of the micro elements and essential metabolites facilitating penetration into the skin enhancing the skinu0083??s natural ability to repair itself. Irritation caused by shaving and depilation is decreased by application of seaweed extracts.
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