Natural Age Defying Eye Cream 15 ml


$ 45.99

Our You may have seen cucumber slices applied to the eyes during facials or massage treatments and itu0083??s no secret: The moisturizing benefits of cucumbers used on soft skin around the eyes have become a reliable and effective way for hydrating and softening the delicate skin in that area. Weu0083??ve taken that tried and tested cucumber benefit and all the beauty it provides, and fashioned it into the comfort and convenience of a cream. Savarnas Mantra Natural Age Defying Eye Cream uses a blend of Cucumber Extract, Peptides, Vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate to provide your skin with generous nourishment and hydrating qualities that help alleviate dark circles, stimulate collagen growth, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and restore a youthful and energetic appearance to your gaze.Natural Age Defying Eye Cream has been specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. This rich cream formula delivers the soothing benefits of cucumber extract in combination with a blend of ingredients, including Vitamins A & E, Titanium Dioxide and age defying Peptides to assist in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy, younger looking skin. This first line of defense against environmentally induced skin damage supports collagen synthesis and accelerates the skin's ability to repair damage resulting from UV light, pollutants, and harmful chemicals.?u00ff The Cucumber is a fine example of botanical ingenuity that weu0083??ve incorporated into a popular and effective product. Savarnas Mantra Age Natural Defying Eye Cream uses a high quality Cucumber Extract, rich in vitamins nutrients and essential oils to provide the cool soothing benefits and skin rejuvenating properties which cucumbers are well known for. Safe and gentle on the eyes, this cream packs some comprehensive benefits thanks to additional actives.
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